“What do you do?” I’m a Full-time Mom!


I have to be honest that I do struggle with the question “So what do you do for a career, Or “a living”, or worst yet ” all day?” Whichever way they ask I inwardly cringe. I’ve always thought if I could come up with a creative way to inflate what I do than I’d feel better. “I’m the operations manager of a family business” . Or “I’m in manufacturing and distribution”. (Makings kids and sending them into the world, lol). But the reality is I still at times struggle with my career. Through the years of talking with other moms I’ve realized most moms do.

At times I’ve doubted my contribution to the family or society because I’ve chosen my career to be a full-time mom of five. My husband graciously tells me that he needs me to be home and managing our family. That is how I can truly help him be successful at his career. Even with that I feel that doubt creeping in that I should do more. I dont think Im the only one, so for those of you who are struggling today with this career of motherhood I want to encourage you.

I have been a stay at home mom for 26 years. I now have eight children through marriage of 3 of my children and four grandkids and counting. I have the joy of watching as God has gifted and called my adult children and is using them for great things and seeing as they pour that into their children. What a blessing it has been so I have to shout “IT IS WORTH IT!!!” Worth every minute of sleepless nights, money short months, sacrificed personal time, spending freezes, limited assets and giving up the “success” as the world sees it. There is no greater privilege then devoting your life into pouring truth and character traits like faith, integrity, love, compassion, discipline, self-control, endurance and courage into your children’s lives. All of which are needed by a mom and taught but mostly caught by example on a day by day, life on life experience. What a noble cause, why would you entrust the shaping of your children to anyone else.

For years I’ve felt the pressure from society perception that to be a “successful” woman I had to have monetary value or prestige and that mothering was to be an afterthought. I also never believed that we could do anything to change that perception. I was wrong. We can change society’s perception of the value of being a full-time mom by how we view and believe in our career. When we tell other women the blessings that come from it, the impact we make, one by one we will begin to “turn the tide”. When we raise children who see the value of having had a full-time mom they will in turn be that mom to their children. And most importantly, we are fulfilling our calling given by God. We are most blessed to be moms and if you are lucky enough to do it full-time, embrace it with joy, prayer, wisdom and God’s strength. And on those days when you doubt your calling (those days will come) hang on moms. Keep pressing to the finish line. If we do not grow weary in well-doing we will be able to experience the joy of 2 John 4. “There is no greater joy then to see my children walking in truth”. Without His truth all the money and fame in the world will never satisfy for apart from Him we are without hope of eternity and real life now.

So hold your heads up high the next time someone says “So what do you do for a living? ” and say “I’ve got the greatest job ever I get to spend all my time and effort into what I love, my family, I’m a full-time mom”.

“Turning the tide” together ! GO MOM!

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